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A cozy, private, perfectly-
peaceful cannabis Club

Our unique atmosphere transforms normality into something else – something nicer. Maybe you need somewhere to slow down a little and chill among friends. This club is a meeting-point for the like-minded: Roll a joint and leave your problems behind. Sip a tea from our quality selection, enjoy a game or tow of pool, or play some chess; Start a conversation, or find some silence; read a book from our collection, or simply relax with our selection of great ambient music.

Located in Barcelona city center, Smoke Cannabis Club owns up to its reputation as one of the top cannabis clubs Barcelona has to offer. We proritize creating a safe and chill place for our members and we put our efforts in making sure we provide the highest quality product and services.

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Our staff of proffessional budtenders are always avaialble to assist all our members with all their needs and wants. So wether you are a first time consumer, or an experienced cannanoisseur, Smoke Cannabis club is the place for you!